Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ok, so... now what?

Yeah, yeah I know. Finish the story and I bail on you. Sorry. Just been busy. I've returned to the north and am settling back into my comfortable and familiar routine. Although I'm not really looking forward to the winter here. Oh well, at least I'm used to that too.

So I have two possible stories to post next. One is a story written in blog form and is meant to seem like an actual blog. It's not exactly a horror story per se, but it has horrific elements to it. The other is a good old fashioned ghost story with the main character, a writer (new concept huh?) haunted in a rather unusual way. I haven't decided which one to share with you yet.

In the reading department I have finished Scott Speigler's Infected and found it quite enjoyable and interesting that it takes place in locations that I am familiar with. Particularly in the end. Now I'm on to (and don't say anything like it's about time) reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I'm only on the second one, The Drawing Of The Three. Interesting so far. I also have an old Clive Barker novel, Sacrement, that I've never read and am looking forward to. I sometimes find I have a difficult time trying to read authors other than these two, but I'm working on it (like Speigler's story).

And next week perhaps we'll have a little discussion on the awsomeness of Italian horror films, some of which are big favorites (who doesn't love Lucio Fulci's Zombie?).

For now I'll bid you adieu. I'm slightly distracted trying to watch The Goonies with my kid.

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