Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Strange Jekyll and Hyde-ish Introduction

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be the start of something magical. Or maybe terrifying. Or perhaps, (and most likely) comical. All of the above? Time will tell.

My name Is Keith and in case you haven't noticed I have a tendency to ramble, mostly at the expense of my own amusement. Like I'm nervously talking with text. Why the weird title to start? Well, you see there seems to be two sides to my persona. The easy going, hard working, family man that I am most of the time. The Jeckyll if you will. And then there is the darker side. The one that writes things that make people look at me and go, "That's gross" or "You're demented". The Hyde. He's a lot of fun, but he ain't gonna pay the bills. Although it would be nice if he could pay a few.

Jeckyll is an artist, a commercial painter, a horse rider, a husband, a father, and all around mostly normal guy. Hyde is a writer, an occasional artist(although he may be becoming one more frequently) an avid horror movie fan, particularly those of the late seventies and early to mid eighties, and every so often pops out into Jeckyll's life for some oddball comment. Both enjoy following the weather and watching The Weather Channel. Silly, huh?

I still don't know exactly what I'll use this blog for, or even if I will be able to keep up with it regularly. Jeckyll works a lot and when he's not there are always things that need doing on a farm. Blogging isn't necessarily a priority. But Hyde needs an out. He has a once-a-month writer's group that gives great input, but the material is limited to basically the room it is shared in. I hope Hyde will get a chance to shine here on what I called The Midnight Creepshow. Because it was with him in mind that this seemed needed. It's mostly going to be his show. At least that's the plan. We'll see how it goes. At the very least you may pick up some tips on home improvement, painting, art related advice, some cooking and baking, horse, farm, family talk and the awesomeness of Dr. Greg Forbes.

I am going to try to post stories, excerpts of stories and novels(well, novel so far), and any publishing news I have to share. Also I may go off on tangents about things horror. Movies, books, art, trips through cemetaries, whatever. So, hang in there. Check back occasionally, and hopefully we'll have fun.

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